Professional Online Construction Suite

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Methvin is an online estimating and procurement portal

Designed and developed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Methvin is a project management and estimation tool designed for the construction industry. It will make your life considerably easier; estimating projects, publishing tenders, producing comparisons, and helping to find potential business opportunities.

Project Management

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Collaborative Portal for Client and Contractor

Kanban board: Visual card system

Shift from the adversarial approach of managing clients to one of open communications and collaboration.

This will foster and improve relationships and outcomes for both parties.

The shared goals will establish the basis for a motivated team and encourage individual contribution to the end goal of delivering your project on budget and on time.


Stay Organised, stay on Schedule

Be efficient prioritising your projects

The Methvin Gantt interface allows you to efficiently prioritise and aggregate everyday work, project tasks, important details, and multiple timelines.

The Methvin Gantt Scheduler module will help you identify which tasks are most critical to project success through critical task path highlighting allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Bid Management

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Estimating for Heavy Construction

Facilitating a faster procurement cycle!

Methvin offer an industry leading “First Principles” estimating solution for Infrastructure or Commercial Building contractors.

When bidding on a Design and Construct(D&C) or Early Contractor Involvement(ECI) project we offer unprecedented speed and multi user capabilities.



Takeoff for General Contractors

Quantity surveying made easy

Fast accurate takeoff for any dwg, dxf and pdf file, just set the scale and start measuring.

Measure areas, perimeters, length and count elements in both imperial and metric. A list of materials and their thicknesses can be added to every takeoff.

Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening during each step of the process.


Professional Online Construction Suite

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Precise, concise data that informs executive decision

Methvin offers a Clear Executive Overview of risk evaluation through accuracy and pricing confidence. Ensure workflow is more efficient with improved margin analysis and control, by using our first principle pricing models and Agile project management philosophy.


Bid Manager

Agile document control. An industry first.

Drive team efficacy while ensuring pricing accuracy as you develop your project delivery methodology. Your team can actively collaborate in real time with our online service, Agile project management system and Gantt Chart.

Project Manager

Agility in a changing game.

Agile project management software and estimate interrogation capability to help you manage your team and the documentation required to deliver your project on time (Gantt scheduler), and on budget. Your client can be included in the communication stream to ensure transparency and collaboration as the project progresses.



First principle estimating. Equate that.

Have complete trust and confidence in the pricing methodology with access to previous estimating history on hand. Our team, led by a tenured Estimator have built the pricing model based on First Principle pricing philosophy with limitless levels of assemblies. In addition our tender portal allows you to send and receive any subcontractor quotes.


One source of truth. Trust you can build on.

You can trust Methvin with your data. Our online estimating software will allow you to extract data in order to interrogate the estimate, as well as giving you access to productivities. You can lay out your project responsibilities and connect all your team through the Agile project management module, granting access to all the documents to effectively manage your team and project.


Project Controller

Collaborative scheduling. Stay well-connected.

Collaboration while connected is key to the design in all our software, You will find that the estimating package allows you to extract cost in order to evaluate the estimate and then move straight to using the Gantt chart package to ensure your project runs on time.

Quantity Surveyors

Intuitive workflow. Takeoff with confidence.

With the intuitive takeoff tool you can work with confidence that the schedule you create is accurate. Once you have this schedule drawn up you can share this directly with the estimator through the cloud service. Not only will this create transparency but it will help you when aligning the costs against income on site.


Operations Team

Project Compliance, The Agile advantage.

When delivery of the job is reliant on open communication and documents you can trust and access, you will find that with the Methvin suite you can: Open and use daily record/diaries, record site start meetings, work procedures, store documents and records relevant to safe work methods and, inspection and testing procedures.