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A comprehensive list of the best estimating software split into their respective specialities and capabilities. We have made it easy to narrow down your search to the solutions that best match your company's requirements.

Subcontractors more often than not use either Infrastructure and Heavy Construction or Industrial Construction estimating software to help keep their estimates competitive.


First Principles Estimating1

First principles estimating is the technique whereby you reduce the whole of its parts down to its most fundamental concepts and or elements, for the most accurate estimates. Once vetted for scope, price completeness and accuracy, this technique makes estimating easily repeatable over many projects, helping the estimators establish a consistent process to his pricing.

  1. Complex Resources

Only with Estimating software with the capability of unlimited levels of nested complex resources, is it possible to implement a “First Principles” estimating environment.

  1. Setting Variables

A variable is a quantity that may change within the context of a mathematical problem. If an estimating application provides this capability, it allows the user flexibility to cover a range of solutions in one worksheet/assembly.


Advanced Mathematics with Logic Capability2

Mathematical logic deals with mathematical concepts expressed using formal logical systems.

  1. Using the IF with AND, OR and NOT logic

The IF function allows you to make a logical comparison between a value and what you expect by testing for a condition and returning a result if that condition is True or False.

  1. Functions and Equations

If your software allows you to create a function, then use that function in your equation, this would enable you to incorporate any mathematical solution into your estimating philosophy.


Assemblies, Simple Resources or Plugged Values Estimating3

When used, consistently assemblies add value in the process, because they become known and trusted components to estimators.

  1. Rate Libraries and Assemblies

This is when application allow you to create rate libraries in the form of either worksheets or assemblies which in turn helps you to speeden up your estimating processes.

  1. Simple Resources or Plugged Values4

This is a quick and easy way to create an estimate, often used by the trades and general contractors. The software providers often link the estimate to an invoicing accounting package like MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks.


Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

A comprehensive list of software provides capable of producing first principles estimates

Candy iTWO1, 2, & 3

Methvin1, 2 & 3

Heavybid2 & 3


BIM, 3D & CAD Estimating Software

Cubit Estimating3

iTWO CostX3

Cost-OS2 & 3


Industrial Construction

B2W Estimate2 & 3

Benchmark Estimating Software2 & 3

Expert Estimating2 & 3


2D Takeoff Estimating Software



Methvin1, 2 & 3


Commercial Building

Causeway3 & 4

Sage3 & 4

Plexxis3 & 4


Residential Building

Buildertrend3 & 4

CoConstruct3 & 4




Tradify3 & 4

SimPRO3 & 4

Rakon3 & 4


Taking the above mentioned into consideration, this is our pick of the top ten best construction estimating software solutions for the year.

  1. Candy iTWO by RIB
  2. Methvin by GBC
  3. Expert Estimating by Ponamics
  4. Heavybid by HCSS
  5. Cubit Estimating by Buildsoft
  6. ProEst
  7. B2W Estimate by B2W
  8. Plexxis by Plexxis
  9. SimPRO
  10. Tradify


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