Takeoff User Guide

Uploading Plans

Methvin supports Plans in the following file types/formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF or PDF (single or multi-page).

  1. From the right icon menu, select the upload file icon
  2. Drag and Drop the file/s or click Choose Files to search for the File/s
  3. Drag and Drop additional files to upload new plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Plans not uploading?

  • Most of the time, file Uploads begin straight away because the queue is free. If there is a peak in the number of people uploading Plans simultaneously, this will slow the upload process down. There is a queueing system to prevent the server from becoming overloaded.
  • If a Plan is taking an abnormal amount of time or failing, please see the below suggestions:

A1: An error is received. The file type is incorrect.

  1. Accepted file types are PDFs, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and ZIP folders with these file types inside them.
  2. If these are your file types and you're still unable to upload Plans, try opening the Plans using regular PDF viewers like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Google Chrome.
    If you cannot open the file, it is most likely corrupted.

A2: If the file type is correct - please try the below steps:

  1. Go to your app or website of choice
  2. Choose the PDF file;
  3. Select Good - 300dpi JPG quality
  4. Click Convert PDF to JPG
  5. When done, download the JPG file and upload it to Methvin

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