Takeoff User Guide

Setting Plan Scale

Don’t know the scale of your plan? No problem!

Methvin can also calculate the plan scale based on a single known length on the drawing (i.e., a door which usually has standard sizes).

You can set the correct scale per plan or set up multiple “sections” on a single plan - each with their own scale.

Note: Methvin supports Metric or Imperial systems of units.

Measuring the scale

If you don't know the plan scale click the Measure Scale button and select an existing length measurement on the drawing;

  1. Click on two points of a known length.
  2. Enter the length value of the line e.g. 2000mm or 2m for metric or 6ft for imperial units.
  3. Select metric or imperial.
  4. Choose if every page has the same scale(it can be changed later)
  5. Click the save button to Set the Scale.

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