Takeoff User Guide

Performing Basic Takeoffs

Performing an on-screen takeoff in Methvin is a straightforward process. Methvin provides four basic measuring tools, or takeoff items: Area, Linear, End-area for earthworks, and Count. Methvin also offers specialty takeoff items, which are detailed in the "Accessing Specialty Takeoff Items" section.

Creating New Takeoff Items

Newly created takeoff items can be used to populate your Schedule of Quantities(SoQ). They can also be modified and saved as templates for future use. The process of creating templates is covered in the "Creating and Organizing Templates" section.

Area Takeoff

Area takeoffs are commonly used to calculate areas for concrete, carpet, flooring, roofing, pavement, concrete structures, grids, joists, and other materials. Select the Area button from the top menu for a standard area takeoff. The takeoff can be used to calculate area costs by the square foot or square meter, and performing area takeoffs for roofs, cubic yards, grids, and joists. Area takeoffs can also include arcs, multiple measurements (or sections), and cut-outs (or subtracted sections).


  1. From the bill of quantities table, right-click and select "Create Task."
  2. Enter a description for the new item.
  3. Click the "Link Drawing +" icon and choose "Area measurement."

To perform an area takeoff:

  1. Click where you want the Area takeoff to begin. This establishes the first Point, which is the starting point of the takeoff item.
  2. Move to the next Point and click again. A line will appear between the two points while performing the measure. To undo the placement of a Point, press CTRL / Command⌘ and press Z.
  3. Move to the third Point and click, continue this process.
  4. To close out this area measure, double click your last point.

Edit your polygon

To edit a polygon area measure, hold the CTRL key down while hovering over the element, the edit points will appear and can be dragged to their new locations.

Area Cut-out Tool

The Area Cut-Out Tool is used to subtract an Area from a Measurement. On Plans, it removes an island bench from flooring or windows from external cladding.

Read more about it here.

Plan Navigation Hints:

  • Click, hold, and drag to pan around the plan.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out for greater accuracy.
  • Right-click an element to open the context menu with options to:
    • Access properties
      • Colour
      • Opaqueness
      • Line width
      • Line style
      • Display quantity text
    • Grade: Set gate or pitch angle
    • Remove the Area
    • Hide the Area

Deleting the elements:

Select the measure/element and delete it from its context menu.

Continuing with a Previous Measure:

At any time, you can continue with a previous measure by selecting the "+" icon from the bill of quantities table and then clicking to place an Area on the plan.

Adjusting Area Totals

You can adjust measurement totals using the equation field. Measurements can be manipulated with the equation field using Excel-type formulas. For example, multiplying the Area by a set number [a]*6 will multiply the total area by 6, this may require you to edit the measurements unit of measure to volume for example. The formula follows the PMDAS rule: Parentheses (brackets) first, followed by multiplication, division, addition, then subtraction. Detailed information and examples on using formulas are provided in the article "Using Formulas." Refer to the Industry Articles for specific examples in construction, electrical, landscaping, painting, plastering/insulation, plumbing, and roofing.

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