Financing Construction Projects

As per the requirement, a myriad variety of options are available for getting the requisite finance to take the construction project from inception stage to the completion stage. The knowledge of the right options for construction financing can help in saving valuable money as well as time. The following steps should be followed in order to get construction financing in the most effective as well as economical manner:

  • Drafting a detailed business plan is the foremost requirement of getting the financing for the same. The aforesaid plan should include a brief summary of the land being developed, the breakdown of capital fund requirement as well as a list of all the key people who will be involved in the construction project. Including any prior achievements as well as successes can also prove to be fruitful in this respect.
  • Along with the project details, the financial statements for the all the principal people involved with the project should be attached using the help of accountants. A copy of the entire company balance sheet should also be necessarily attached along with the other individual documents. In case of joint ventures, the financial statements for all the constituent companies and principals should be attached.
  • The help of a well-qualified independent appraiser should be sought in order to get the approximate value of the land before the construction and after the completion of the entire project. This necessarily requires the usage of a qualifying variables statement, which were used in determining the projected values.
  • The entire package should be combined next in order to present them to potential lenders as well as investors. The same should be submitted to the potential construction project funding sources in electronic form, so that the interested parties can view the same easily and without any hassles. It is also necessary to provide any additional information, if requested by the construction financing reviewers.
  • Make a complete list of all the interested parties like banks, venture capitalists as well as real estate investment trusts, who accept the ideas presented and express interest in the aforementioned project package with the intention of providing construction project funding.
  • Review all the offers which are available and decide upon the most economical one given the timeline behind the construction project. It is also pivotal to consult legal counsel at this stage to ensure that the offers are reviewed completely for ingenuity.
  • Once the best-suited offer for project financing is chosen, the instructions of the lender should be followed in order to obtain the necessary funds required for construction purposes.

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