Cabling & Conduits
Description Constants include drawing cabling in sets of four cables plus Unit Tradesman Hours Labourer Hours
approved size earth cable into adequately sized conduits, with
minimal long sweep bends, and for fixing cabling to top of
horizontal single side supported trays.
TPI cable in conduit
2.5mm2 m 0.03
6mm2 m 0.04
25mm2 m 0.05
35mm2 m 0.06
95mm2 m 0.09
Four core and earth PVC/PVC circular cable on tray
2.5mm2 m 0.08
6mm2 m 0.11
16mm2 m 0.17
35mm2 m 0.23
95mm2 m 0.42
150mm2 m 0.59
MIMS/PVC cable on tray, single core
6mm2 m 0.11
10mm2 m 0.13
25mm2 m 0.17
50mm2 m 0.23
70mm2 m 0.25
120mm2 m 0.32
MIMS/PVC cable on tray, four core
4mm2 m 0.11
6mm2 m 0.13
10mm2 m 0.17
16mm2 m 0.23
25mm2 m 0.25