Estimating User Guide

Methvin User Interface

The dashboard and ribbons

  • Estimate Button
  • Title Bar
  • Share Estimate
  • Shared with
  • Application Menu
  • Application Toolbar
  • Search
  • Markup
  • Reports
  • Pricing Table Tab
  • Resource Table Tab
  • Worksheet Tab
  • Complex Resource Tab
  • Estimate Toolbar
  • Copy From Master

The Methvin user interface consists of four main sections namely:

  1. Title bar
  2. Application Menus
  3. Application Toolbars
  4. Estimating Tabs

Methvin Navigation 

Title Bar Displays the estimate you are working in
Application menu Menu for File, Edit, View, Insert, Reports & Tools
Application toolbar Displays shortcuts specific to the application selected. This toolbar changes when a different application tab is selected
Estimate button To return to the Methvin home page

Right click menu functions

The menu functions in Methvin are context sensitive; therefore, specific tasks can be performed directly on the documents cell, record, or column by right clicking for additional options.

  1. In a cell:
  2. In a record selector:
  3. In a selected column:

Keyboard Shortcuts, Icons and Mouse Functions

Mouse Functions

Note: This table assumes that the mouse buttons are configured for a right-handed user.

Mouse action Function
Left-click On an Active Document - moves the cursor line to and positions the editing cursor at the mouse pointer. On an Inactive Document - Turns the document Active and acts as above.
Right-click On an Active Document, calls up the context menu.
Double Click Fetch another document, e.g.: Double Click on a Net Rate calls up its Worksheet.
Row Record+Left-click Select a line of data for Dragging and Dropping.
Row Record Shift+Left-click Marks the Start and End of a Range of records for Dragging and Dropping.


This is a list of the Editing and Cursor Movement Keystrokes, with a brief explanation of the function, and the equivalent Icon if available.

Note: Normal Windows and Mac shortcut keys can be used e.g. Ctrl+C: Copy, Ctrl+V: Paste and ⌘Cmd+C, ⌘Cmd+V respectively etc.

Mac Keystrokes Windows Keystrokes Function for your Mac computer
Tab Tab Moves the cursor forward to the next Field.
Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Moves the cursor backwards.
⌘Cmd+⇧Shift+I Ctrl+Insert Inserts a new line at the cursor position.
⌘Cmd+⇧Shift+D Ctrl+Delete Deletes the current line at the cursor.
⌘Cmd+⇧Shift+> Ctrl+> Indents selected items, and sets the line above as a parent item (WBS).
⌘Cmd+⇧Shift+< Ctrl+< Outdents selected items, this removes the parent level of the above item (WBS).
⌘Cmd+C Ctrl+C Copy selected items to clipboard.
⌘Cmd+X Ctrl+X Cut selected items.
⌘Cmd+V Ctrl+V Paste content from clipboard.
⌘Cmd+A Ctrl+A Select all content.
⌘Cmd+Left Arrow Shift+Left Arrow Extends the highlighted area left one character.
⌘Cmd+Right Arrow Shift+Right Arrow Extends the highlighted area right one character.

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