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Explanation of Complex Resources

Efficient Resource Management for Building and Civil Projects,

In the dynamic world of construction, efficient resource management is crucial for project success. Methvin's innovative concept of Complex Resources transforms this process, allowing you to group multiple simple resources into a single unit, saving time and effort when compiling bills of quantities.

Example: Insulation and Lumber-Lined Wall Assembly

Let's visualize constructing a complete wall section. Instead of manually adding each individual component—bricks, mortar, insulation, lumber, labor—you can create a Complex Resource called "Insulated and Lined Wall Assembly." This composite resource would encompass all necessary elements:

  • Brick Wall: A Complex Resource itself, including bricks, mortar, scaffolding and labor.
  • Insulation Installation: Involving the materials and labor for installing insulation.
  • Internal Stud Wall: Encompassing lumber, fasteners, Plasterboard and labor for constructing the interior wall.

By nesting these resources, you create a comprehensive and easily manageable unit for pricing and project management.

Key Advantages:

  • Streamlined Resource Management: Complex Resources simplify the organization and tracking of resources, reducing complexity and potential errors.
  • Simplified Pricing: Nesting resources allows you to price intricate building elements with ease, ensuring accurate cost estimates.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The ability to create nested resources empowers you to model complex building components effectively, adapting to various project requirements.
  • Optimized Project Planning: Clear visibility of resource requirements aids in accurate scheduling and forecasting, optimizing project timelines and resource allocation.


Methvin's Complex Resources offer a powerful tool for streamlining resource management and pricing in building and civil projects. By embracing this innovative concept, you can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in your construction endeavors.

large-scale infrastructure example.

The following flowchart illustrates the process required to create a Complex Resource called "Sub-base Installation", break the process in the following Complex Resources:

  • Pavement Crew: Supervision, Operators and Labor required for the delivery of the works
  • Pavement Plant: For excavation, grading, spreading, and compacting.
  • Aggregate Cartage: Transportation of the crushed stone from the supplier.
  • Aggregate Supply: The Aggregate Cartage plus the provision of the specified crushed stone for the sub-base.
  • Sub-base Supply and Installation: Pavement Crew, Pavement Plant and Aggregate Supply.


Supply and install basecourse

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