Piling productivity

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Number of bored pile that can be installed per day

Pile diameter, or pile width, or sheet pile width
Pile length
Geotechnical conditions - SPT (N-value x 2) - blows/300mm **
Socket material strength of socket UCS(MPa) *
Engine (kw) or vibro weight(t) x 25

Splicing time frames

Production rates relative to piling methodology Value Unit Concrete Unit
Bored Piles 0 no/shift 0 m3/day
Bored Piles with Casings 0 no/shift 0 m3/day
CFA Bored Piles 0 no/shift 0 m3/day
Driven H Piles 0 no/shift
Driven Tubes Piles with shoe 0 no/shift
Precast Concrete Piles 0 no/shift
Vibro Replacement 0 no/shift
Sheet Pile Wall 0 no/shift
Secant Pile Wall 0 no/shift 0 m3/day
Diaphragm Wall 30-50 m3/shift 30-50 m3/day
Soldier Pile Wall 0 no/shift
Contiguous Pile Wall 0 no/shift 0 m3/day
Soil Mix/Slurry Wall 100-160 m3/shift 100-160 m3/day
Drilling pile productivity only 0 m3/shift
Drilling socket productivity only 0 m3/shift



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