Drainage productivities

Drainage variables

Pipe diameter (Reinforced Concrete pipe)
Depth to invert (Excavation depth)
Hardfill backfill (% of trench)
Haunching aggregate required 1=yes and 0=no
Pavement depth in meters (Reduces the hardfill)
Productive hours per day


Excavator size (Ton)
% of greenfield productivity (%)
Location Rural = 100 Small City = 85 Big City = 75 (%)

Production Rate Value Unit
Stormwater pipe laying production rate 0 m/day
Trench shield requirements Value Unit
Shield trench requirement switch 0 Switch
Number of shields required? 0 No.
Trench volumes Value Unit
Pipe wall thickness 0 No.
Pipe external diameter 0 m
Trench width 0 m
Trench volume 0 m3/m
Pipe volume 0 m3/m
Bedding and backfill volumes Value Unit
Bedding volume 0 m3/m
Haunching volume 0 m3/m
Hardfill volume 0 m3/m
Cut to waste volume 0 m3/m
Production rates Value Unit
Excavator productivity per hour 0 m3/hr
Excavator productivity per meter 0 m/hr
Lay pipe productivity 0 m/hr
Backfill bedding and fill productivity 0 m/hr
Place shields productivity 0 m/hr




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