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Construction Man-hour Norms

Description Items Unit Tradesman Hours Labourer Hours
Flashings, Downpipes, Gutters        
  Cover or apron flashing, sheet steel/aluminium      
  200mm-500mm girth m 0.45  
  500mm-800mm girth m 0.55  
  Downpipe with metal brackets at 900mm centres      
  Sheet steel 100mm dia m 0.3  
  PVC 100mm dia m 0.25  
  Bend to steel or PVC No 0.1  
  Eaves gutter with metal brackets, straps at 900mm centres      
  Standard sheet steel / aluminium m 0.35  
  Standard PVC m 0.3  
  Box gutter, sheet steel/aluminium, with metal straps/      
  brackets at 900mm centres      
  600mm-800mm girth m 0.6  
  1000mm-1200mm girth m 0.7  


Planning Production Rates

Task / Description Slow Ave Fast Units
UPVC Downpipes, 75mm - 3.3 - m/hr
UPVC Guttering, 75mm - 3.1 - m/hr
UPVC RWP Fittings, 75mm - 3.1 - no/hr
Cast Iron Downpipes, 75mm - 2.1 - m/hr
Cast Iron Guttering, 75mm - 2.5 - m/hr
Cast Iron RWP Fittings, 75mm - 2.2 - no/hr
Aluminium Downpipes, 72mm - 2.5 - m/hr
Aluminium Guttering, 72mm - 2.9 - m/hr
Aluminium RWP Fittings, 72mm - 1.9 - no/hr

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