Pneumatic Hammer Excavation

Estimating Production Rates for Pneumatic Hammer Bulk Excavation

* Production rates listed are based on 8-hr shift. The above figures are for general estimation purpose only and must not be used to guarantee any production figure to the customer. The actual working results may vary according to the quality and structure of the material to be broken, required degree of material size reduction, installation, condition of the carrier, conditions at the worksite, haulage of the broken material, skills of the operator etc.

Task / Description Slow   Ave   Fast    Units
Hammer (2,200lb - 1,000kg) - 315C Excavator        
   Non-Reinforced Concrete 150cu.yd - 115m3 200cu.yd - 153m3 375cu.yd - 287m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Reinforced Concrete 140cu.yd - 107m3 160cu.yd - 122m3 240cu.yd - 184m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Sedimentary Rock 165cu.yd - 126m3 200cu.yd - 153m3 300cu.yd - 229m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Volcanic Rock 75cu.yd  -   57m3 110cu.yd -   84m3 150cu.yd - 115m3  cu.yd & m3/8hr
 Hammer (3,740lb - 1,700kg) - 330C Excavator        
   Non-Reinforced Concrete 275cu.yd - 210m3 375cu.yd - 287m3  490cu.yd - 375m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Reinforced Concrete 200cu.yd - 153m3 150cu.yd - 115m3 350cu.yd - 268m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Sedimentary Rock 250cu.yd - 191m3 150cu.yd - 115m3 400cu.yd - 306m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Volcanic Rock 135cu.yd - 103m3 150cu.yd - 115M3 275cu.yd - 210m3 cu.yd & m3/8hr
 Hammer (6,946lb - 3,150kg) - 345C Excavator        
   Reinforced Concrete 300cu.yd - 229m3 385cu.yd - 295m3 850cu.yd - 650m3  cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Sedimentary Rock 350cu.yd - 268m3 440cu.yd - 337m3 900cu.yd - 688m3  cu.yd & m3/8hr
   Volcanic Rock 200cu.yd - 153m3 275cu.yd - 210m3 600cu.yd - 459m3  cu.yd & m3/8hr




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